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One Pane of Glass, One API

Easily manage and monitor nested compliant virtual data centers.  One single pane of glass allows someone with generalist IT skills to manage dozens of virtual data centers and includes all functions of an IT stack; storage; firewall; networking; DR; backup; hypervisor; VPN connections and more.

-Ideal for Edge Server environments
-Solve the IT staff shortage problem
-Dramatically reduce opex and capex
-Runs on commodity server hardware
-Remote monitoring and hardware failure protection
-One single system, one pane of glass

Virtual Data Center Recipe

Instantly and securely deploy new  virtual machines or entire virtual data centers, with pre-packaged compliance, storage, network and resource allocations.

-Assure IT standards
-Deploy VMs or entire virtual data centers in mouse clicks
-Maximize use of hardware
-Ideal for resellers - apply branding when applying a recipe
-Includes DR, backup, snapshots and encryption

Clone a Virtual Data Center

Instantly clone a production virtual data center with zero down, in mouse clicks with no additional use of hardware storage.

-Clone a production environment for debugging or testing
-Clone an entire virtual data center with all it’s storage, networking in tact
-Verge-OS deduce means closing uses no additional hardware storage
-Ideal for testing an update before putting it in production

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