Security & Compliance In One Simple Package

Verge-OS is the only platform with adaptive healing and intelligent fault tolerance capabilities to provide exceptionally robust high availability and risk mitigation. Think about it -- a singular platform with one unified set of code presents a much lower risk profile than 10+ vendors integrating millions of lines of disparate code. More network endpoints means more risk and complexity. We’ve simplified that without sacrificing performance or availability.


Verge-OS includes the security features required to meet complex compliance standards without the need for additional software. With the exception of storage encryption, all security features are configurable at the tenant level.

Additional Security Features:

  Blockchain model stores and encrypts data in transit and at rest 

  Simplistic patching updates automatically identify and remove ransomware, trojans and other malware

  Advanced user access controls

  OAuth requirements

  Isolated networking

  System auditing and logging


Verge-OS ensures standardized security and compliance frameworks that accommodate current and future requirements. We’ve radically simplified the process of achieving compliance through our recipe standards that allow users to instantly create and deploy uniquely compliant virtual data centers, reducing time to implementation by up to 90%.

Single Pane of Glass

All the features and functions of Verge-OS are managed from a single, intuitive, and easy to use dashboard that can be securely accessed from any connected device, whether desktop or mobile.

Monitoring, Logging & Alerts

Verge-OS provides full data center transparency in one place by monitoring and logging all user activity as well as hardware performance and status. System alerts proactively address any potential issues.


Verge-OS has a rest API that enables all functions of the dashboard to be assessed for further management and automation, improving business agility while decreasing operational overhead.

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