Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Verge-OS directly provides thick-client virtual desktops with a built-in VDI user framework, giving each user their own set of authorized workstations. Alternatively, Verge-OS can provide the infrastructure on which to run any selected VDI broker. 

Business Goals

Seeking more centralized management, standardized workstations, and a consistent user experience from any location? Implement cost-effective hosting of virtual machines with Verge-OS.

Solution Overview

Verge-OS virtual desktop infrastructure includes features such as persistent drives, recipes, cloning, and task schedulers to administer your VDI environment more efficiently. It also provides the following capabilities:

    • Complete redundancy for protection against accidental or malicious threats.
    • Snapshots that provide a complete system backup of all data and configurations, allowing for total system recovery.
    • High availability for optimal performance levels.
    • Scalability of available resources, which is as simple as adding more hardware to the system.

    Key Advantages

    VDI Ready

    Directly provide each user with a friendly interface and console.

    Multi-Tenancy Capabilities

    Divide raw resources among different customers or business groups as you see fit.

    Simplified Compliance

    Isolate groups using tenant and VM recipes, persistent drives, and easy creation of internal networking to meet compliance standards.

    Secure and Current

    Employ “Golden Images” of drives, applications, and services using VM recipes and the non-persistent drive feature.

    Templated Tenant Recipes 

    Easily template complete environments and customize as required with each tenant created.

    Event-Based Task Scheduler 

    Dynamically create and delete desktops based on events such as user login and logoff.

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